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'Unicorn' highlights at HopCat AA's Wood & Wild fest

Marty Rivard, HopCat Ann Arbor Beer Program Manager
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Wood & Wild

As we continue the countdown to our Wood & Wild Festival -- taking place Oct. 22 at every HopCat location -- we're checking in with our expert beer managers for suggestions about beers to try at each of our restaurants. Here, HopCat Ann Arbor's Marty Rivard suggests a couple of "unicorns" (beers so epic and legendary they defy comprehension) that will be featured at A2's Wood & Wild event:

I'm pretty pumped for the Saule by The Bruery. This beer is made so scarcely that it is near impossible to find and it's a blend of every Anniversary Ale they've ever made. Which is pretty dope.
Also, our 2015 Madrugada Obscura - Dark Dawn. This is a Jolly Pumpkin Oak BA Belgian-Style Imperial Wild Stout... mouth-full, eh? I'm a huge Jolly Pumpkin fan, they make really fantastic sours and I've been really into sour stouts and porters lately. I think the chocolatey, roasted maltiness of the beer adds a very nice addition to the sour and fills the mouthfeel nicely. I'm excited to see how the Belgian yeast will complement this one.