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GarryThe Ringleader
Likes: great white north, mountains, clean drinking water, maple syrup & waffles, hops, snowboarding, wii bowling, garage band, my junior year in high school, making music with my friends, red-headed green eyed women named Kristal and any beer made with any of the above in mind!

Dislikes: ugly Americans, mindless obedience, bullshit conversations, "being seen", emo-country, guilt/fear based cults, suduko, flaky friends, materialism, gas-guzzlers, any thing known as the big three!

"When I grow up I want to be a goat herder."

Secret not many people know about me: I once killed my imaginary friend for lying to me.
ErnieBrewer - HopCat / Bartender
At the tender age of 8 my father dragged me to an Ozzy concert where I witnessed the brutal on-stage beheading of a bat. Since that night, I've been treading the fine line between enthusiast and addict in all endeavors, playing my life out like a mock 80's Osbourne reality show. Combine the physical agility of Brian Boitano, the gentle stoicism of Mother Teresa, and a healthy dose of Jim Belushi and you have one Ernesto.

Current faves: Draft = Jolly Pumpkin, Bam Biere I've been smitten by the Jolly P, and their beer represents the best domestic take on Belgian style artisan ales that I've run across. Aging in oak casks makes this brewery a serious contender. If you are a fan of Belgians, you must try this now! Bottle = Chimay Cing Cents (Tripel) If you've never tried Chimay, you're missing out. This legendary trappist brewery is on my top 10 list. Great flavor, a little fruit, a little spice, and some zesty carbonation. So tasty that you'll barely notice the 8.00% ABV....
JakeBrewer at Large - GRBC & HopCat
You ever meet that person who is no holds barred one of the coolest people ever? No BS, totally laid back, not too much country, not too little rock n roll?

Jake knows him too.

He hates that guy!
Dr. Trevor MapesBeer Research & Development Team
It's "high" time that this guy got involved in the beer program
at HopCat! Can I get an "Amen!"? or at the very least an "irie!"
DaveHead of Cultural Affairs
Dave is funny.  He's not as funny as he thinks, but to be honest, he's still pretty funny.  He's definitely funnier than you!
AllisonHead HopKitten

Let's see....nice things to say about Allison...




Just kidding. Allison is the glue. Allison makes things happen that we didn't even know needed happening. She pretty much has our back...and probably yours too. You should thank her!

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