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It's the food your Mom would feed you if your Mom loved beer.

Mussels 2 Ways $12.95 lb. or $6.95 1/2 lb.
Fresh mussels from Prince Edward Island, served with toasted baguette for dipping. You choose: 1. Fun Guy- Bourbon roasted button mushrooms, double smoked bacon, garlic cream or 2. Classic- Steamed in house wine with chorizo, Roma tomato, garlic and fresh cut basil.
Pretzel Nuggz $7.95/$8.50/$8.95
We went on a quest... A pretzel quest! It was a success. Your prize is one dozen Nuggz, lightly salted and served with spicy mustard and soft cheese. Or for the more adventurous amongst you: Try them "Loaded" with soft cheese, onion, jalepeno, and bacon- $8.50. Also try them "Buffalo-Blue", tossed in fire sauce and topped with bleu cheese crumbles. Served with Bleu cheese dressing and celery- $8.95
Buffalo Rolls $8.95
Slow roasted chicken dressed with buffalo sauce & blue cheese, wrapped in a crispy wonton. Served with blue cheese dressing.
The "Voted Best!" Wings! $9.50
A metric dozen of jumbo Lava (Really hot! Don't order these!), Fire (Hot!), or tangy golden honey BBQ... with celery & choice of blue cheese or ranch.
Crack Fries $3.95
They're really that addictive. House blend seasoned beer battered fries. Your parents would approve! Add warm dipping cheese for $1.
Bruschetta $8.50
Garden fresh flavor! Chilled roma tomato, fresh basil, lemon, garlic and feta on grilled Parisian bread with balsamic reduction and organic greens.
Michele's Beerbar Cheese $4.95
Secret recipe, don't ask! All you need to know is that it's DY-NO-MITE! Made with several cheeses & it has a little kick (spicy). Served with seasoned pita chips. This one's a house favorite.
Loaded Crack Fries $7.50
Same addictive Crack Fries, but even better with the addition of our house soft cheese sauce, pepper-jack cheese, onion, jalapenos & bacon. Add chili for “Super Deluxe Loaded” $2.
Sausage & Chipotle Munster Dip $9.50
Local Polish sausage on grilled Italian bread, topped with Mrs. Dogs Mustard and Sauerkraut. Served with a warm Chipotle Munster cheese dip.
Meat Head Pizza Rolls $8.95
Chorizo, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, and Bacon deep fried in a crispy Won Ton wrapper. Served with our secret recipe Marinara sauce.
No Soup For You!
Veggie Chili $4/$5
The toughest decision we had to make was which chili was the best... We have chosen wisely! Good with BEER.
Cheese Ale Soup $4/$5
Rich and creamy, stocked with garden veggies and garnished with pretzel bites.
Chicken Tortilla $4/$5
Spicy Broth based Chicken soup full of tomatoes, onions and fresh buttery corn. Garnished with crispy tortilla strips. Delicious!
Southwest Salad $9.50
Chopped Romaine, Monterey Jack cheese, fresh avocado, tomatoes, red onion, and black beans & corn. Topped with crispy tortilla strips and served with a side of Southwest dressing.
Spinach Salad $9.50
Baby spinach, bleu cheese crumbles, red onion, red apples, raisins and pecans. Served with a side of Raspberry Vinaigrette and topped with pretzel croutons.
"Chop" Salad $10.50
Romaine, house blend of aged Cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, turkey, hardboiled egg, red onion and celery. Your choice of dressing.
Greek Salad $9.50
Romaine tossed with tomatoes, onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese, pita croutons and balsamic vinaigrette.
Sandwiches and Wraps
Grilled Cheese $8.50
Lots of cheese (swiss, cheddar, and feta) melted to the perfect soul-healing gooeyness between slices of Italian bread. Served up with tomatoes and thinly sliced onion. Need more love? Add Applewood smoked bacon for $1.
The Grand Royale $9.95
House made sloppy Joseph, jalapenos, a full order of Crack Fries, beer cheese sauce on a brioche bun, and more beer cheese sauce on top!
Reuben $8.95
Home-style with corned beef or turkey & sauerkraut on grilled Jewish rye with melted Swiss cheese & 1000 island.
Turkey Club Wrap $9.50
Deli style smoked turkey, Applewood smoked bacon, house blend aged cheddar, tomato, romaine, & Mrs. dogs zesty mustard in a cheddar wrap.
Dam Good Fish Sandwich $9.95
Spicy house blend seasoned tilapia on a toasted brioche bun. Served with lettuce, tomato, shaved red onion & house made tartar sauce.
Mushroom Black Bean Burrito Wrap $9.95
Beer braised mushrooms, roasted black bean dip, feta, tomato, onion, spinach, rice and beans with house made ranchero sauce in a spinach tortilla.
Rosemary Chicken Salad Wrap $9.50
Chilled chicken salad with fresh rosemary, grapes, red onion, bacon, pecans and baby spinach in whole-wheat wrap.
Porter Braised Beef $9.50
Braised in beer and served with house-made blue cheese-black pepper mayo & haystack onions on a toasted brioche bun.
The Angry Bird $9.50
Crispy buffalo sauced chicken breast on toasted brioche with lettuce, tomato, onion & blue cheese dressing.
Spicey BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich $8.95
Tender pulled pork shoulder in spicy house-made golden BBQ sauce on a toasted brioche bun with Swiss cheese. Served with a side of house made coleslaw.
HopCat BLT $8.50
Thick cut Michigan apple wood smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, blue cheese - black pepper mayonnaise.
The Classic $8.95
Plain or with choice of aged cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, or bleu cheese on brioche bun.
The Bar Zee $9.95
Another signature dish here! Applewood smoked bacon, jalapenos & Michele's beerbar cheese spread on brioche bun.
I Love Olive $9.95
Thousand Island dressing, bleu cheese crumbles, melted swiss cheese and sliced green olives.
Turkey Bruschetta Burger $9.95
For those of you that get slowed down by the classic burger, house made seasoned turkey patty topped with fresh bruschetta, baby spinach and pesto aioli on a brioche bun.
Cowboy Burger $9.95
Yippee ki yay Mr. Falcon! Fried jalapeño, pepper-jack cheese, smoked bacon & BBQ on a brioche bun.
Big Plates
Quesadilla $8.95
Marinated chicken, spicy chipolte black beans, house blend cheese & fresh spinach grilled in a flour tortilla.
Fish and Chips $10.95
Traditional and simple. Beer-battered cod, house-made tartar sauce and crack fries.
Killer Mac & Cheese $8.50
Resistance is futile! Have it as is or create your own. Meats! $2 each. Marinated chicken, sloppy Joseph, smoked bacon, or chorizo. Veggies! $1 each. Roasted peppers, herb tomatoes, fresh spinach, basil or jalapenos. Signature dish alert!
Fricken' Chicken Tacos $8.95
Three tacos stuffed with grilled chicken, garlic cream, fresh pico de gallo, cilantro ranch, and scallions served in red and blue crispy corn tortillas. Served with salsa, soft cheese, and our famous Crack Fries!
Beer Desserts
The Ice Cream man is coming!!! $4.95
Blueberry vanilla bean ice cream topped with raisins and house made bourbon stout granola.