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HopCat - Kansas City opens
| March 21, 2017
Kansas City, Grand Opening

What a reception at our HopCat - Kansas City grand opening on Feb. 25, 2017! We are excited to be part of the historic Westport community and feature the best selection of Missouri and Kansas-made craft beer. Check out the video (featuring music from KC's The Conquerors) and then come visit us. Visit for more info.

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You're just hydrating
Kate Van Doren, resident beer maven | November 2, 2016
Water, Beer Science, Brewing liquor

KateWater is more important to beer than we often give it credit for. We are more focused on hops, malt, yeast, and all the other goodies that make our favorite beer taste the way it does. Brewers refer to water as “hot liquor” or “brewing liquor” and use water throughout the brewing process for things like cooling wort and cleaning equipment. When it comes beer itself, different types of minerals present in the water provide various characteristics: sodium can add fullness and a subtle sweetness, sulfate gives beer dryness, iron can provide an off-putting metallic flavor, and chloride also increases a beer’s fullness. Today, brewers can alter water to have the mineral content to create the perfect brewing liquor, but in the past breweries would build their breweries next to fresh sources of water that best suited the style they wished to brew. Burton-upon-Trent, in the English Midlands, is situated on a large limestone deposit, giving the water of this region a sulfuric whiff—which is fantastic for brewing English style IPAs. Plzn, in the Czech Republic, is home to Pilsner Urquell—a brewery renowned for its upstanding pilsner, thanks in part to the fresh water spring near by. It’s also important to note that beer is 85-95% water, so, basically you’re just hydrating, right? Exactly. Drink up!

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HopCat Madison featured on Wisconsin Real Estate blog
| November 1, 2016

"When it comes to craft beer, you won't find a more dedicated group of people than those employed at HopCat. Each and every aspect of the business was designed with one thing in mind: a deep love of craft beer. From the design and stock to even the staffing choices made, each and every decision has been carefully made to enhance the atmosphere and promote an adoration of the main product," writes Elisha Neubauer for the blog Check out the full article here...


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