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Raise a glass, feed your neighbors: HopCat joins statewide Hops Against Hunger campaign
Troy, Webmaster of the Universe | September 8, 2017
Hops Against Hunger, FeelGood Tap

You're thirsty. An unfortunate number of our neighbors are hungry. We can do something about this.

HopCat's six Michigan locations have joined an effort called Hops Against Hunger. This is an initiative from the hunger-relief organization Feeding America, which is working to tackle the country's hunger crisis head-on during September, its official Hunger Action Month.

Hops Against Hunger unites 40 Michigan breweries, restaurants and bars in fund-raising efforts for local food relief. As part of our ongoing participation in the FeelGood Tap program, HopCats throughout the state will donate will donate $1 for every pint sold from a select list of beers to one of Feeding America's member food banks. Help fight hunger while you enjoy a pint? Win-win, right?!

When Hops Against Hunger began last year, a dozen establishments were able to raise more than $20,000. With several times the number of participants this year, we have every reason to believe we'll help raise quite a bit more.

Here are September's FeelGood Tap beers for each of our Michigan locations:

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Hear the ArtPrize artists performing during the HopCat/WYCE Blue Bridge Music Festival
Troy, Webmaster of the Universe | September 7, 2017

HopCat is sponsoring the second-annual Blue Bridge Music Festival, curated by community radio station 88.1-FM (WYCE) and taking place Sept. 29-30. Taking place on the blue pedestrian bridge across the Grand River in Grand Rapids, the event is the official live-music component of ArtPrize Nine.

Eight Michigan artists will perform during the free festival and are each nominees for ArtPrize Song of the Year, which awards a $1,000 prize by public vote. The songs also are also eligible in the general ArtPrize feild as part of the time-based category. For a schedule of performances, check out WYCE's website, and you can hear all of the nominated songs below, along with their official ArtPrize voting codes.

HopCat, needless to say, will be offering beer and Crack Fries during the event. See you on the bridge!

Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish: Two Face Talkin' (Vote code 66652)

The Bootstrap Boys: 90 Proof (66648)

Brad Fritcher Moods: Blackest Eyes (66650)

Watching For Foxes: Breaking Down (66653)

Asamu Johnson & the Associates of the Blues: Crazy About Helen (66651)

The Great Ones: DO IT 4 THE LOVE (66654)

Yolonda Lavender, Favorite Key (66647)

Michigander: Stolen (66649)

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Even More Good Advice From The Inappropriate Cat
| August 24, 2017
Inappropriate Cat

Sit. Stay. And share this f***ing video. Why? Because I'm The Inappropriate Cat and I f***ing said so. Oh, and when I say "share this f***ing video," that means share it with your dog-loving mortal enemies and your dog-loving best friends. When you're done, watch my other videos. They're f***ing awesome. 

Spoiler Alert: Dogs are f***ing dumb and HopCat knows craft beer weirdly well. Me-f***ing-ow. 

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